Ozil and Di Maria, Which was the sadder farewell ?

Just like Ozil move to Arsenal last year,

Di maria departure made a lot of noise.

Many though selling such a crucial player

will be divestating and the team will have

anything but success. Many others,

however, actually believe that fans will at

a point forget the Argentine just like they

forgot his former teammate after

another successful season.


 Three Roles


By taking a look at successful teams in the very recent history,

one can see that 3 roles are always there :

1 – The Mastermind :

The player who control the game, lead the attacks and

provide creative solution mostly through passing.

2- The Workhorse:

The player who is never tired of running and moving whether

to help his teammates, open spaces or making pressure.

3- The Lethal Finisher :

The player who scores all the time whether from

a super easy chance or half a chance.

Two players sometimes “share” one of these three.

Sometimes one can play two of the 3 roles which

makes him extremely important. Like :

Aaron Ramsey in ARS (The Finisher + The workhorse )

Then What ?

Real Madrid's Mesut Ozil celebrates with teammate Angel di Mardia after a goal during their friendly soccer match against Kuwait's national team in Kuwait City

What does all that indicate about the two

former Real Madrid players ?

1- Ozil :

Obviously, Ozil was playing “The Mastermind” role during

his time with the Spanish team (At least in the front area).

Which means his departure would be so harmful for the

team. However, the fitting alternatives were there. Angel

Di Maria himself showed more-than-promising signs since

the era of Mou as 2011-2012 season stats show.

Whoscored stats show that , despite his injury, Di Maria (Down) was superior to Ozil (Up) when it comes to assists/match ratio.
Whoscored stats show that , despite his injury, Di Maria (Down) was superior to Ozil (Up) when it comes to assists/match ratio.

More importantly, Real had the man who ,to me, was

the second most important player to them last season :

Luka Modric

Except for making assists, Modric was a great “successor”

in every aspect of the game. He actually surpassed his

former teammate in the physical side at the very least.

Therefore, Real didn’t lose that much when the German

Left. I can say that selling him and depending on the two

players mentioned above wasn’t even a risk.

2- Di Maria :

On the other hand, Di maria played the “Workhorse” role.

He was everywhere all the time. He contributed to the defense

in a way most of offensive midfielders don’t even think of.

Also, he was always there to propel the attack and open

spaces regardless what match time reads. The best

example is the dribble neither him nor the fans will forget.

The one he pulled against ATM in UCL final which eventually

led to the winning goal. A player with Ozil physique and

stamina would never do that no matter how skillful he is.

That’s probably the reason behind Mou choosing him as

 a constant starter despite his minimal game-awareness .

Is there an obvious successor to the new “red devil” ?

NO !!

but seemingly, Carlo saw that coming sooner

or later , so he made some move to fix

what he can fix.

1- Buying Toni Kroos :

I don’t think the reason behind this move was Kroos’

age or even his amazing performanceat the last

World Cup. These were just some “extra catalysts”.

I believe  the main reason is Kroos’ high mobility

compared to  Alonso which will limit the damage of

Angel Di Maria’s departure as much as possible in

the areas of : occupying spaces, the flow and pace

of play. Kroos also has the weapon of long shots

which RMD lacks (Except for Ronaldo who will be at

the flank or inside the box when facing a dense

defense ) and which will help the team when missing

the open spaces Angel used to open for them.

Alonso Vs Kroos  2
In contrary to Alonso being in the back area and near the center most of the tiime, Kroos is some sort of free midfielder. {From : Squawka}

2- More possession :

Seeing the first matches of this season (including

pre-season matches), it seems that Ancelotti is

willing to have a new playing was that focuses

more on possession and short passes and is

similar to Tiki-Taka in some aspects. Of course a

team which have the ball between its players’ feet

most of the time will have less running, less fatigue

and less dependence on a player like Di maria.

Although the Bavarian are playing a more passing game, The ratio of long passes in Bayern with Alonso is 50% higher than it in RMD with kroos. (Click to see)
Although the Bavarian are playing a more passing game, The ratio of long passes in Bayern with Alonso is 50% higher than it in RMD with kroos. (Click to see)



We can now say that selling Di maria was much

more of a risk than sell Ozil for two main reasons :

First :

There were two clear successors for the German, while RMD

seem to do some “tinkering” to cover the Argentine absence.

Second :

The players the team depended on after Ozil were already in

the team unlike James Rodriguz and Toni Kroos.


Do you think RMD will be successful again despite Di Maria leaving ?

Which was the worse sale in your opinion ?


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