Let’s Talk about Devils

Blind Trust or Revival

 Van Gaal and Moyes

compared to a very poor transfer market last year,

United broke the British net-spend record this year.

There are two plausible reasons for that :

First : Last season “slap” ..

Man United started last season as the reigning

champions which may have convinced them

to make no big changes in the team, or at least

gave them an excuse, On Contrary, they are

entering this season as a team who could not

even qualify to the EL . That alone is enough

to make thee owners move in hurry to “revive”

the great United and return it where it belongs .

Second : High trust in the manager ..

It’s highly probable that the huge success

Van Gaal had in the WC being its best

manager in the eyes of so many gave him

a high level of trust that David Moyes couldn’t

obtain regardless of his success at Everton.

Which of these was the main motive ?

Who knows ? who cares ?

من أجل إعادة النادي لمكانه الطبيعي ، حطمت الإدارة أرقام الإنفاق في الدوري الإنجليزي
In order to “revive” the team, the club would broke any transfers-related record.

What is sure is that Van Gaal Being the manager,

in addition to financial aspects, was a main reason

behind world-class players moving to a club which

doesn’t participate in the Champions League.

The Fear Factor

Man United striking force

Why was the Old Trafford ” the theatre of dreams

for united when the importance of where you

play is obviously fading with time ?

It’s one-hundred-percent a mental effect.

In the same way, having a Constellation of stars

in your squad strikes fear into your opponents’

hearts , especially the weak ones, and support

your players mentally in the hour of need. All

that can fundamentally change the result of

many matches and ultimately change the

outcome of the season. Having the likes of

Falcao and Rooney, the Red Devils surely

have this fear factor by their side. It’s totally

their choice to preserve it or to destroy it

with consecutive humiliating losses.

تحت قيادة فيرغسون ، كانت خسارة مانشستر على ملعبه أمرًًا نادرًا بشدة
Under Sir Alex, united rarely lost at Old Trafford.

 “Even when I was playing for Manchester United, you thought you had teams beaten in the tunnel”

– Mark Hughes

A New Galacticos ?

New Galacticos ?

By the closing of the tranfer window, Man United

was subject to a lot of critism over spending

millions and draining the team budget in order

to assemble a super striking force forgetting, or

ignoring, the departure of two players who were

of the best defenders in the world at their prime

( Rio and Vidic). Personally, I can’t deny that their

defensive line is obviously than their offensive line.

However, I don’t think it’s logical to blame the

owners for that. It’s so hard for any team to get a

defence which is as strong as United’s attack due to

the scarcity of 5-star defenders and the difficulty, if

not impossibility, of making them leave their teams.

The best example for that is Barcelona. Despite their

urgent need to quality defenders and their clear

superiority over Man United as a competitor, they

could only buy the old Mathew and the super glassy

Vermalen after everybody was talking about the likes

of Hummels and Kompany. United did do what they

could do.They brought relatively young players who

are defensively good to serve the team for years .

Deep Enough ?

Man United Squad

If anybody carefully looked at the Red Devi’s

squad line by line, he would surely find some

weakness in depth in more than one area.

Right here comes the main strength of their

squad which is high flexibility. Many of their

players can play in different positions or even

different lines. Rooney , for instance, can play

in both medfield and attack. Rojo, Blind and

Shaw can play in both defence and medfield.

This means that all these players have the

weight of two players when it comes to depth.

Also, Falcao showed  promising signs of

excelling in playing outside the area for

the entire match against Leicester but,

we need a tougher test to be sure.

The Phoenix Will Rise Again

United will rise

The club will gradually comeback to where it

belong. All the requirements are satisfied :

An experienced excellent manager. Check.

A young high-quality squad. Check.

Thinking about the title from the first season

is quite unreasonable with all the changes

made in all positions and considering the

more ready and stable competitors like

Manchester City and Chelsea. Qualifying

to UCL is the more sensible goal. However,

Football will never follow what is written.

It follows what is done … well usually.


Do you think Man Utd “project” will succeed ?

In what position do you expect the to end the season ?

Note :

I will probably write a seperate article talking about the team’s tactical aspects.


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