World XI 2014 : CMF

Luka Modric ( CRO – RMD )

The mastermind of Real Madrid. The main player

behind Ozil’s departure being unharmful. His ability

to seamlessly connect the whole team together and

keep the flow in the right direction saw his club

controlling games, keeping the ball when they want

to and counterattacking  if needed. His game is very

simple yet very effective, like every other player game

should be. if most followers can’t observe while the

team can’t miss you, you are doing it right. I “dare”

to say he currently is the best player in the world at his

role. He is flawless, tireless and able to execute any

pass. The only period of the year where the Croatian

maestro under-delivered where the World Cup and

the beginning of the new season, both in which there

was a case of “midfield congestion” ( Rakitic and Kovacic

in the former and CMF Kroos in the latter). Anytime else,

it was pure magic which sadly is unappreciated.

Who Was The Defensive Midfielder ?

Who Was The Centre Back ?

Who Was The Left Back ?

Who Was The Right Back ?

Who Was The Goalkeeper ? 


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