World XI 2014 : RMF

Arjen Robben (NED – FCB)

There is not really much to say about the dutch.

He continued his excellent run with Bayern

winning the Bundesliga and breaking , as a part

of the team, several records in the process. In

World Cup, he was his side’s best player without

a shadow of a doubt. To me, he was one of the

best 4 four players of tournament (alongside

Kroos, James and Masche). With both club and

country, he was the “spark” and the main source

of individual solutions. He was a headache for

every defense he faced. He beats the likes of

Messi and Ronaldo when it comes to dribbling

success rate, and by a considerable margin

(Sqwauke : successful take ons %). Many

would argue that he deserves a place among

the top 3 players of 2014. Others would say

that his end-product holds him back. One thing

is for sure, the bald Dutchman has enjoyed a

top class year, yet again.

Who Was The Central Midfielder ?

Who Was The Defensive Midfielder ?

Who Was The Centre Back ?

Who Was The Left Back ?

Who Was The Right Back ?

Who Was The Goalkeeper ? 


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