World XI 2014 : LMF

Angel Di Maria (ARG – MAN UTD)

The spark in the midfield of Real Madrid and

Argentina, the relentless workhorse and, perhaps

most importantly, the man of UCL Lisbon final

leading to La Decima. I can’t go all the way with

people claiming he was the most important part

of the Real Madrid side winning UCL nor that

he deserves the Ballon d’Or. But, I surely can’t

deny his extremely important tactical role with

the team nor his decisiveness in the final stages

of last season. He was Madrid’s best player in

the epic 4-3 Clasico. His liquid-like run leading

to Bale winner against Atletico was the highlight

of a night he will never forget. He followed that

up with an excellent World Cup. His absence

was strongly felt in the later stages of the most

important tournament. His first day in Manchester

were not as good, but so was the whole club.

Injury only worsened things. Let’s just wait and

see what will the Argentine produce in EPL

after a memorable run in La Liga.

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