World XI 2014 : RWF

Lionel Messi ( ARG – FCB )

We all know this is not the Argentine best year.

It was rather a “bad” year for his sky-high standards

but, it’s still a great year for most of other players

including the elite. Statistically, he had an excellent

year with 79 goals/assists in 66 appearances. Only

his Portuguese rival surpassed that. You can see

Messi real low point of the year by looking at the

total of the titles Barcelona won last season : Zero.

Of course, blaming it all on Leo is nothing but non

-sense but, Messi’s unusual “absence” when it

matters most is certainly one of the reasons. In the

World Cup, he has a memorable group stage and a

“less exciting” knock-out stage, much less exciting in

fact. Argentina reached the final and Messi won the

controversial golden ball. Overall, it was, except for

the final loss, a good thing to remember. In short,

most players would wish they had such a year.

However, the Argentine himself won’t want a similar

one in 2015 or any other year in his career.

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