World XI 2014 : CF

Diego Costa (ESP – CHE)

This was the single hardest choice in the list. I

took two main criteria in consideration : Impact

and consistency. Different criteria will yield

different results. Back to Costa, The Blues’

star had was a fundamental part of Atletico

Madrid dream season. He finished the League

with 27 goals, only 4 behind Ronaldo, the top

goal-scorer. He missed most of the most important

match of the year in The UCL final due to injury.

During summer, he had a colourless World Cup

campaign. But what else should you expect

from a player debuting in the “grandest stage

of them all” in a style which doesn’t particularly

suit him for a team which is falling ?!. It was very

clear that a player of his qualities was the missing

piece of the jigsaw for Chelsea, who acted

accordingly. After his move, he was back to the

relentless scoring machine we know. He has

15 goals in 18 EPL appearances till this moment,

and it seems that “he can’t stop scoring” .

Who Was The Right Wing-Forward ?

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Who Was The Right Midfielder ?

Who Was The Central Midfielder ?

Who Was The Defensive Midfielder ?

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Who Was The Left Back ?

Who Was The Goalkeeper ? 


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