FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala 2014 : The Good and The Bad

Days ago, the whole world watched the FIFA Ballon d’Or

Ceremony. The event which may very well be the biggest

controversy source in the world of football. So, it is very

worthy of being the subject of my “comeback post”. So,

let’s not be “FIFA-like” and just start the list.

Bad : Too much talking and time-filling

Especially from Blatter. I don’t think I need to elaborate

on that. Just go for the point. We don’t want useless

questions, songs or speeches, All We want is the awards..

Good : Great Sportsmanship

This is the peak of individual competition in football as it

has been for so many years. And yet, you find a healthy

spirit and atmosphere between the three competitors for

the main award of the night, and the year. Especially

between the two career-long rivals : Ronaldo and Messi.

Let me state some examples which happened during the event :

1- Ronaldo saying that he would like to play with Messi and

Neuer in the same team.

2- Messi pretending not to hear the question well when a

journalist asked him whether he can win the Ballon d’Or

after a trophyless season just like Ronaldo did last year.

3- This famous footage of Ronalo’s son meeting Messi :

Such sportsmanship is the best example for all football

fans around the world.

Bad : Fifpro XI

I know, it’s impossible for us to agree on 11 players.

Still, there are some boundaries between who may

deserve to be among the 11 and who may not. First,

I would never ever omit Luka Modric from any team

of the year I make. The Croatian was overlooked by

FIFA AND the public in that subject.  To me, he was

the 2nd most important player in R.Madrid last year.

Many people thought this spot belonged to Di Maria

or even Alonso and expected the team to fall apart

after the departure of the two, which clearly didn’t

happen. On the contrary, Real went through some

colourless wins and even lost in two occasions since

the Luka’s injury. With all that said, you can easily

see how worthy he is of Iniesta’s spot. Iniesta is such

a great, one of the generation’s top 3 to me, but it

simply wasn’t his year. The worst part though was

picking David Luiz in the team … David Luiz. Let’s

just list some names  who are surely more worthy :

Godin : The first name that comes to mind, in my case

at least. The leader of the great wall of Atletico Madrid

which was the main aspect of their amazing 13/14 season.

Kompany : The leader of the EPL champions and probably

the 2nd best defender (after Silva) in terms of quality.

Boating : He won the World Cup, was consistent through-

out the year and was the man of the final in the eyes of many.

And you can surely expand that list more and more. How can

people forget Germany humiliating Brazil with 7 goals this fast ?!

Good : Loew Triumph, Beautiful Football Triumph

I respect the work of the two other managers during

2014 but, when the sides are very close, such details

make the difference. Many would (reasonably) say

Diego Semione deserved it because he made champions

out of the underdogs. I can only admire Semione work

in Atleti. He made a well-organized team with a nearly

perfect defensive system and an almost-permanent

psychological advantage over the opposition. However,

when Atletico face a real problem, they fight, in both

the good and the bad way. This is not what you want

to watch nor have in a football match. Also, in all honesty,

there were few circumstances which helped Semione win

La Liga (e.g. Real obsession with la Decima). He made

the most of them, I’ve to give him that. Loew Germany,

on the other hand, are the offensive team with the best

(or 2nd best at least) team football who has always been

” so close but not quite reaching” for multiple times until

winning the most important trophy last year (which is an

advantage on its own). The German team is a beautiful

image for football and a team which you want the term

“football best” to be associated with.

Bad : Henry Unprofessionalism Announcing The Winner

It is only natural to wish the best for your former team-mates,

it is okay to be disappointed for them not winning the prize.

However, showing that to the whole world is not. You have

to be unbiased and at least pretend to be happy for whoever

wins the award. The French did the exact opposite. One

could nearly see tears in his eyes reading the name of the

winner “Cristiano Ronaldo”. Even the way he looked at

Ronaldo after that fall in the same category of unproffisional

actions. Obviously, Ronaldo Fenomeno is a better choice.

Good : The Best Man Won

Yes, he “failed” in the World Cup. But it’s almost impossible to

succeed with fitness problems in a such a dis-organized team.

Drop the World Cup, and Ronaldo would outshine every single

player , including Leo Messi, throughout the year, and by far.

Above that, he won the big one. He was integral to Real Madrid

winning La Decima and he re-wrote the tournament record book

in the process. For a top-class player approaching 30, continuous

improvement is almost unheard of and he surely deserves world

recognition for that, which is exactly what he got. Congratulations,

Where do you dis/agree with FIFA awards and nominations ?


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