Real Madrid vs Getafe : Modric-less Real, Ronaldo’s great Strengths and What Fans Should Expect From Bale

Judging by the result, one would suppose that Real

Madrid had an easy problem-free win smashing their

opponent because , well, they are Real Madrid. But,

the reality is the exact opposite. The team didn’t break

their Madrid neighbors’ defense until 63′ which, by the

way, is very late for the huge difference in everything

between the two sides.

Modric-Less Real is colourless.

Well, I could write about this after any match were Luka

is absent so, why not this one ?!

Since Modric was injured, the team didn’t look as strong

or as fearsome as they were before. Even worse, they

didn’t look as a coherent destructive unit. Los Merengus

had a few low-performance wins , one draw and a couple

of losses.Now, neither myself nor anybody else can deny

Isco’s great performances. He is sensational on the ball,

very consistent and he puts more effort than most, if not

all, other players every game. However, you don’t use a

diamond to cut your hair, and you can’t blame it for that.

It’s just not the Spaniard role and it doesn’t fit his qualities

(or vice-versa .. whatever). Yes,Toni Kroos commands

the midfield but Modric is the player to move up and down

in order to connect the team all-together. Something the

team is obviously missing at the moment. He is also the

“mercury element” of the team which allow the team to

play within tight spaces and defensive lines rather than going

around it like if it was an unbreakable block, a scene Real

Madrid followers have been accustomed to in the last few


And then, such an important player in such a team is not among

the top 23 players list nor Fifpro XI. FIFA never fails to fail.

Ronaldo’s Great Strengths

The match surely was not a show of the stellar skills of

Cristiano Ronaldo. It was rather a show of some of his

most important strengths that put the Portuguese a few

steps ahead of the others. They always say winning even

in bad days is what separates big teams, it shows ” the

spirit of champions” .That applies to individuals too. And

at the moment, Ronaldo is at the top ranking when it comes

to that. He is the only player in the world who you can

almost guarantee that he will have a goal or an assist no

matter how bad he performs.The match against Getafe was

no exception. Although it was a continuation of Ronaldo’s ”

bad” form in 2015, he still managed to score a brace.  The

second strength was shown in a play rather than the match

as a whole. I said it before, I say it again : off-ball movement is

Ronaldo’s most important technical advantage. In the play

of the first goal, Isco and James were considerably closer

than him to the danger area. But, Who was the player that

got their at the end ? That’s right, Cristiano Ronaldo. He

ran from the flank to slide just in the right place to put the

ball into the net. You can call them “tap-ins” forever but,

there is surely a secret behind them coming so consistently.

What Fans Should Expect From Bale

Watching players like Barcelona’s Neymar doing all kinds

of skills, Real Madrid fans could be “disappointed” for

not seeing Bale be as good on the ball. Other fans,

neutral or not, may even use it as an argument for the

Brazilian superiority over the Welsh. The same can be

said about Ronaldo compared to Messi, although the

Portuguese is surely better on-ball than his team-mate.

I think it should be understood that Bale and Ronaldo

are more, much more in fact, of pragmatic players.

They will use the “simplest” and shortest way to do

what they need to do. Their advantage comes from

their versatility, technical ability in hard situations and

constant smart and explosive movement rather than

their ability to take down multiple defenders. Bale’s

second goal is a good example. He made an excellent

run and then beat the goalkeeper with a simple touch.

Why complicate it if it works ?

The team bought Bale for his ability to score and assist

consistently to decide matches, not for a complete 5-

star performances. Otherwise, it would be a stupid step.

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