Real Madrid vs Juventus : Real Madrid Breaking The Champions League Curse and 4 Other Records on The Line

On Saturday, June 3 2017, all eyes will be on European football’s season finale and the most important game of the year : The Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid. Cardiff will be the city to host (what should be) an unpredictable, ultra competitive, and huge clash between the finest of attacks and the finest of defenses. Obviously, The Champions League trophy, the biggest, most prestigious club trophy in the World, will be on the line, but so will be several significant records.

1 – First Team Ever to Win Two Consecutive Champions League Titles :

Ramos lifting the champions league trophy 2015/2016
Real Madrid lifted the Champions League trophy in 2015/16, and will be the very first team to retain it if they beat Juventus.

The biggest, most talked-about achievement of all is Real Madrid potentially becoming the first team to retain a Champions League title. Since the European Cup was changed into the Champions League, no club has been able to achieve the feat. Many have tried, all of them failed. Three clubs came this close before : AC Milan, who won the title in 93/94 but failed to beat Ajax in the next final to retain it, Juventus, who won the title in 95/96 but lost 3-1 to Dortmund in the following final, and Manchester United, who won the title in 07/08 but couldn’t overcome Pep’s Barca who went on to win the triple in 2009. If any team will break the course, though, it is Real Madrid. They hold the record for the most just-about-everything in the tournament’s history. It’s their yard.

2 – First Player Ever to Score in Three Separate UCL Finals :

Ramos and Ronaldo Celebrating - UEFA Champions League
Ronaldo and Ramos have a chance to become the first players to score in 3 different Champions League finals.

Real Madrid have two names that are world-renowned for being outstanding “clutch” players, perhaps The clutch players : Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos. On Saturday, the two will be on a (rather friendly) race to make that quality remembered forever and achieve what all other greats couldn’t achieve : Become the first player ever to score in 3 separate Champions League finals. Knowing Ramos, and seeing Ronaldo’s monstrous end-of-the-season form, it is not unlikely, to say the least, to see either of these Real Madrid legends achieve the feat.

3 – Fewest Goals Conceded in a Single Champions League Season :

Buffon and Juve’s defense have formed an almost impenetrable wall, conceding only once in knockout stages and three times overall.

Juve’s defense isn’t hailed every day and every night, by fans and experts alike, for no reason. This is a team which was able to shut down the most formidable attacking trio in the world, if not ever, in Messi, Suarez, and Neymar for full 180 minutes keeping a clean sheet over the two legs over Barcelona. This is team which only conceded one goal in the knockout phase of this season’s tournament : Kylian Mbappe’s goal in the semi-final’s second leg, which came when Juve were leading 4-0 on aggregate. They are also the team which currently holds the record for the joint-fewest goals conceded in a UCL tournament in a single season. They share the record with Ajax of 95/96. Even more impressively, with Chiellini on the pitch, Juve have only conceded one goal throughout the tournament, the aforementioned Kylian Mbappe’s goal. So you have every reason to bet on them keeping a clean sheet in the final two. However, there is one more record you need to consider.

4- First Player Ever to be The Tournament’s Goalscorer For Five Consecutive Seasons :

Ronaldo UCL Celebration vs Atletico Madrid
If he scores against Juve, Ronaldo will become the first ever to be the competition’s goalscorer for 5 seasons in a row.

For the past several seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s name has been synonymous with Champion’s league excellence, as he played a crucial role in Real Madrid being the first team to reach 7 consecutive semi-finals. The Portuguese has been head and shoulders above all the rest since 2012/13, and has been the tournament’s top goalscorer for all seasons since. One goal in the final will be enough for him to continue his streak, and if he does, he will become the first player ever to do so for 5 consecutive seasons. One more record to add to his endless list of Champions League records.

5 – Most Ballon d’Ors Won by a Single Player :

Ronaldo with his four Ballon d'Ors
Ronaldo has a golden chance to equal Messi’s record of 5 Ballon d’Ors.

I know, I know, the award is given in December, meaning that we are at least 6 months away from the ceremony, if there is one. However, given how crucial he has been for his team winning La Liga and, especially, reaching their 2nd UCL final in 2 years, Cristiano Ronaldo will definitely win the Ballon d’Or if Los Blancos manage to overcome Juventus. No need to wait till December. This means that the Portuguese has a chance to do what seemed beyond unthinkable a few years ago and equal Lionel Messi’s record of five Ballon d’Or awards after being 4-1 down about 5 years ago, and what an achievement that would be.


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